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With a buttery-smooth texture and non-sticky, moisturizing formula, the perfect diary lip gloss from Perfect Diary gives us a lustrous gem-like luster and sparkle. Packed with skin-friendly ingredients like marine collagen, it can create a smoothing and plumping effect that instantly adds the appearance of volume to your pout, making you experience the ultimate finishing touch. Each type of lip gloss of Perfect Diary draws the outline of natural contour of lips, makes your lips look extremely stereoscopic, and brings the perfect color for the lips. With eye-catching color and volume, your look will never be paralleled.

How To Apply Lip Gloss?
First, you can scrub your lips to remove the outer and dead layer of your lip’s skin for a fresh look and then you apply a moisturizer like lip balm to soften your lips. The next step is to use a lip pencil for outlining your lips and apply your favorite lipstick before applying lip gloss, which can provide an extra pop to your lips. After you finish all the make-up, you can spread your lip gloss carefully toward the boundaries of the lip and press your top and bottom lips jointly to stretch the gloss.

How Long Does Lip Gloss Last?
For any specific cosmetic, the time of use will depend on how it is stored, as well as its condition. All makeup lasts 2 years from the time it is bought, and eye makeup tends to expire in three months. Our lip gloss can last two years if handled properly. You should avoid leaving it in the car on hot summer days or letting it freeze during the winter to make your gloss to maintain its freshness for 2 years. 

What Is Lip Gloss?
Lip gloss is a type of cosmetic product applied to the lips to make them appear shinier and smoother. It may be colored and provide a tint to the lips, similar to lipstick, or it may be clear and only provide a bit of shine. It differs slightly from lip balm in that lip balm is typically designed to protect and condition the lips without providing much shine or any color tint.

What Does Lip Gloss Do?
Lip gloss can create a sumptuous, attractive and alluring effect when worked on your lips. It can help add the shine without adding culturelike another layer of polish that contributes to a well-groomed look, which can make your lips look fuller. In addition, lip gloss contains ingredients designed to moisturize and soften the lips, or may contain sunscreen, which can help protect the lips from UV damage.

How To Make Clear Lip Gloss?
To remove the lip gloss, you should soak a clean white cloth with the rubbing alcohol and blot the clothing. You should not rub as it pushes the cosmetic further into the threads of the fabric, making it even harder to get out. It’s best to dab the spot instead. And you should keep doing that until you see no traces of the lip gloss.

How To Keep Lip Gloss on All Day?
One method to keep lip gloss on all day is to is to apply it over a matte liquid lipstick. Besides that, you can also create a soft barrier around your lips, which can help define and enhance your lip shape, and can also help the gloss from bleeding and smudging.

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