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Made in Ivory, Beige, and Natural shades, the Renewal Flawless perfect diary cushion foundation   features one of our finest and a special release for oily skin. The foundation has a unique blend formulated using state-of-the-art SmartLOCK Technology and gives an even and maximum matte coverage. Experience a weightless and anti-cakey foundation with sweat and water-resistant formula. Even if taken off, they will leave your skin youthful and healthier. Coupled with a premium sponge applicator featuring Korean fabric, this cushion foundation is a must-have in your makeup kit.

How to start a foundation?
To get the best results, prep your face to make a smooth canvas for the foundation and the rest of the makeup. Properly cleanse your face use a moisturizer with deeply hydrating ingredients. The next step should be your primer which will significantly increase the wearing time of your foundation. When this base is ready, use a quality foundation like the Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation from Perfect Diary. It will give you a second skin feeling with a flawless, breathable, and weightless texture.

How long does foundation last?
Your foundation will typically last between eighteen months to two years. The ones made for oily skins have less life and last between twelve to eighteen months. Typical symptoms of an expired foundation are noticeable changes in color, texture, and odor. It is also advised always to replace your foundation and makeup brush every six months every year and regularly clean them after the application to make them last longer.

How to fix foundation cracks?
Cracking, separation, and migration of makeup foundation happen due to various reasons, including the wrong foundation type for a particular skin type, poorly selected face primer, dry skin with patchy and flaky textures, insufficient use of moisturizers on dry skin, lack of exfoliation, and excessive application. Oily skins also can also get separations if the primers and foundations applied on them are not made to deal with excessive sebum secretions.

Can you use concealer as foundation?
Foundations are meant to give full or medium coverage, while concealers are made to cover the minor imperfections on your skin, including acne and blemishes. One can use concealers to replace the foundation if they are blessed with good skin with fewer skin problems. You can also use it for full coverage, giving almost the same, sometimes even better results but keep in mind that concealers come in small quantities compared to foundation.

How to choose foundation color?
Your skin's natural tone and undertone determine the foundation shade you should get. Skin tones are naturally in fair, light, medium, or deep pigmentation levels, and undertones can be determined from the color of your veins. Typically, if one has a complexion on the fair side, a foundation with pink and similar shades is used. Going to the darker side of the complexion spectrum goes with gold and yellowish shades of foundation.

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