Choose the Best Wedding DJ to Make Memories of a Lifetime

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For weddings or receptions, music is an essential part. It is the one factor that can make your day more memorable and set it apart from others. But how do you choose the best music which can make every guest of yours dance? When it comes to weddings, it is not complete without a DJ. Dancing and moving freely to the tunes is bliss and it lets you show others that you are happy.


There are many services offered by Charleston wedding DJ. This includes complete management of the event, songs just made for the couple, a detailed discussion of the songs to be played, and many more. The number of services is important but there are other things to consider. Let us discuss things to consider when it comes to choosing a DJ for a wedding.



Things To Consider With A Wedding Dj


  • Communication

The most important thing for any job is communication and a good DJ is able to successfully do that. They will meet with you beforehand and discuss the choice of music. They will also try to understand your desires and needs for your wedding day which can help them assist you better. They also keep a keen eye on the flow of the event and make the necessary announcements.


  • Maintain Flow

DJ works as an event planner of yours as they can maintain the flow of the wedding. It is vital to make and maintain the schedule of your wedding ceremony and reception. DJ ensures that your day stays on track. They also take care of necessary formal announcements which keep the guests informed about the schedule of the wedding.


  • Read The Dance Floor

A good Dj is one that can keep your dance floor busy from the start till the end. They are pros at reading the crowd and assessing which track comes next. They ensure that you and your guests enjoy the wedding and have the best time. They also know when to go for background music and when to make it loud.


  • Customization

A DJ gives you the option of customization. They offer you different choices of song genres that you can go with to appease your guests. Or they can help you create a song just for you which shows you the entirety of your feelings.


DJ guides you with the choice of music as they are experienced in reading the room and playing the track that makes it all move. Drop The Mike Productions have made their name as Charleston wedding DJ number one. We provide you with complete services of event management along with extra services such as photo booths, cold spark sparklers, custom mashups, and dance choreography. The commitment to make your day the best and a memorable one is the thing we strive for. Call us at 843-779-2228.